Micaschist Stone

Micaschist Stone Co. is one of the leading Iranian stone exporters which is manufacturing & exporting high quality natural stone tiles and slabs to so many countries all around the world for more than 30 years. This family business is running over 30 years and our products has been exported to more than 20 countries including UK, France, Canada, Germany, Poland, Portugal, USA, Australia, South Korea, China, UAE, Indonesia and Sweden. We are able to supply different Iranian Natural stones like Travertine, Marble, Granite, Crystal, Onyx and Limestone in different dimensions and finishing.

Where Do Export?

We have already been exporting our first quality stone products (tiles, slabs, blocks, fireplaces, Countertops etc,) to many different countries such as UK (England), Ireland, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and UAE. As being the major stone supplier of European, Asian, American, African and Australian stone importers, we are proud of our 1st grade quality products at discounted prices and soonest production duration. You can check our partner website here.

Floor Tiles

When it comes to tiling a floor space, there are several paths you can take. You could create a captivating checkerboard effect or, alternatively, you could invite the natural look into your home. Our Iranian Natural Stone Tiles in a very wide range of color shades and different finishgs are a very unique option to cover your living and work space and bring you a marvelous brilliant feeling. A brushed travertine tiles under your bear feet in your bedroom would not be possible to replace with any other feeling.

Wall Tiles

There are hundreds of stylish possibilities when it comes to wall tiles. From modern slabs size stones to rustice and antique marble Tile designs, through to lavish natural stones like travertine and slate. A winning wall favorite is the staggered, multi-levelled slate splitface tile; perfect for breathing new life into an old wall space. We are able to supply you wil all standard wall tile sizes as well as all custom sizes suitable for your construction project. No matter this is a residential or commercial project, as n Iranian stone exporter we would be there to support you with the Iranian stone tiles you may need.

You can check our latest stone slab stocks here. Further information you need, please kindly contact our sales staff on Email or Whatsapp.