Iranian Crystal Stone

Iranian Crystal Stone is actually the marble stone that has been recrystallized due to the thermal pressure caused by the injection of high-temperature magma during long periods of time, and its gradation is crystalline, which is visible with the eye. In the case of the coarseness of this aggregate, this building stone is called a crystal. Crystal or Marble stone is composed mainly of two minerals, Wollastonite and calcite. Due to the fact that the stone creates a sound similar to the sound of Chinese porcelain, it is known as “Porcelain Stone” in Iran. The crystal stone is found mainly in dark gray to light background, black and yellow veins. Formerly the crystal stone as a building stone was greatly used as a main construction material in Iran later replaced by the travertine, marble and granite tiles & slabs due to lack of variety of stone. Recently, with the changing taste of customers, the use of this stone has a significant boom and is used in almost all spaces. Crystal stone applications include the facade of the building, the staircase and the staircase, the floor of the interior spaces such as the lobby, the reception desk, the bathroom, toilets, the table and the cabinet. The price of Persian Crystals is a mid-range Iranian stone and is considered as a mid-class construction material. Due to the attractiveness of this product, stone manufacturing companies always try to be engaged in producing and selling this beautiful building stone in Block, tile and Slab forms.

Iranian blue crystal stone
Iranian blue crystal stone slabs
Iranian gray crystal stone
Iranian gray crystal stone
Iranian white crystal stone
Iranian blue crystal stone
Iranian gray crystal stone
neiriz gray crystal stone
bianco crystal stone
black crystal stone slabs
iranian white crystal slabs
Iranian gray crystal slabs
aligoudarz crystal stone
gray crystal stone slabs
aligoudarz white crystal stone slabs
سنگ اسلب چینی سفید نیریز
gray crystal marble
persian marble crystal slabs
light crystal marble slabs
white crystal stone
grey marble crystal
bianca crystal stone
bianca marble slabs
Outdoor Stone Slabs

Crystal Tiles & Sizes

Not only the marble slabs but also the marble tiles are being produced in Micaschist factory. All standard and popular wall & floor tiles including 30×30 cm – ۳۰×۶۰ cm – ۴۰×۴۰ cm – ۴۰×۶۰ cm – ۶۰×۶۰ cm– ۸۰×۸۰ cm and 100×100 cm as well as popular patterns like French Pattern, Romano Pattern and Versailles Pattern would be available with us. All custom and cut to sizes would be also possible to supply, it is obvious that the marble stone prices would be at a higher range when the sizes are not routine & standard.


Utilizing modern Italian production lines & skilled staff, plus daily selection of the superior Iranian stone blocks, and also experience of working with American and European clients for many years leads our quality to hit a higher standard than other competitors producing Iranian marble stone slabs & tiles. It is possible to supply various finishing for our Iranian marble stone tiles & slabs including polished, honed, brushed and unpolished

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