Iranian Marble Stone Slabs

Iran has huge deposits of Marble in very different colors like Cream, White, Pink, Gray, Black, Red, Beige, Green and Brown. The quarries are spread all around the country from North to South. Micaschist Company is producing various kinds of Iranian Marble Stone slabs for both local and internation markets. The marble slabs we produce are being exported to Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore and so many other countries. Iranian marble stone slabs are very popular choice for floor & wall covering, foyers, fireplace facades, stairs & staircases and windowsills. Marble with its inherent warmth, adds a sophisticated element to the area in which it is installed making it a very a popular compliment to modern interiors.

Iranian black marble Slabs
Cream Marble Slabs
negro marqina
Persian grey marble slabs
Pietra Grey marble Slabs
brown marble stone

Marble Stone Slabs

Iran is one of the few countries with marvelous variation and huge deposits of marble stone. There would be a wide range of Iranian Marble with very different colors and specifications. Micaschist Stone sources premium grade Iranian Marble Blocks to produce and process slabs only after a thorough inspection process. While other raw materials may be available with the same name, the quality may vary; we advise you to compare the quality of the actual materials prior to confirming your purchase.

Marble is a classic architectural material and is suitable for a variety of applications from countertops to building facades. Micaschist Stone introduces itself to the market as high-tech stone factory equipped with the latest Italian machinery managed by more than 10 marble manufacturing experts and supported by over 100 skilled technicians who can handle all kind of stone fabrication and finishing.

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