Iranian Granite Stone

Granite is one of the other Natural Stone types that can be found all around the country in Iran. Iranian Granite Stone is possible to be used for flooring, walls, facades, stairs and other commercial purposes because of its firmness, high dimensional stability. Granite stone, is a quartz-based stone which is often considered the queen of stones for flooring purposes. Granite, is particularly hard, ensuring durability of the stone. The stone not only lays the foundations of a house but gives it a perfect look for modern & classic architectures.

iranian granite slabs
iranian granite stone
Iranian green granite slabs
green granite slabs

Granite Tile Sizes

Not only the Iranian Granite Stone slabs but also the granite tiles are being produced in Micaschist factory. All standard and popular wall & floor tiles including 30×30 cm – ۳۰×۶۰ cm – ۴۰×۴۰ cm – ۴۰×۶۰ cm – ۶۰×۶۰ cm– ۸۰×۸۰ cm and 100×100 cm as well as popular patterns like French Pattern, Romano Pattern and Versailles Pattern would be available with us. All custom and cut to sizes would be also possible to supply, it is obvious that the marble stone prices would be at a higher range when the sizes are not routine & standard.


Utilizing modern Italian production lines & skillful staff, plus daily selection of the superior Iranian stone blocks, and also experience of working with American and European clients for many years leads our quality to hit a higher standard than other competitors producing Iranian granite stone slabs & tiles. It is possible to supply various finishing for our Iranian marble stone tiles & slabs including polished, honed, brushed and unpolished.

Iranian Granite Colors

Iranian Granite Stone has a wide range of color tone including Black, Gray, Red, White, Brown and Green colors. It is possible to find a perfect color that suits the home decoration, cabinets and architecture.


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