Unique, naturally occurring stone of outstanding beauty.
Stone can transform the look of a space or provide a focal point to a room
It can enhance or enliven, complement or contrast.
It can take a setting, modern or antique, and add luxury,

warmth and elegance,
And above all lasting pleasure.

The company, established in 1969, is today one of the most
recognized centers for marble and travertine.
Our family - run business controls everything from quarrying and cutting,
to distribution and sales, so we are able to keep our prices competitive

whether you're buying wholesale or retail,

we have a delivery network that crosses the globe,
whatever you're looking for:
a highly polished or well-worn look, tiles, floors or counter-tops,
something for the kitchen, lounge or bathroom, our designs are individual,
Unique and created to your exact specification.

We pride ourselves on quality and service.
From the manufacturing methods we employ at our quarry to the
advice we give in our showrooms, our commitment to customer satisfaction is complete.


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